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By Dan

Let me start off by saying that I'm a hooker, but not what you would consider an ordinary hooker. My husband video tapes me being fucked by other men who pay to do so. I get fucked by three or four different men every week and at $200 a shot, it is a substantial addition to our income (tax free!).

I first got started in this business when my husband, Russ, caught me fucking his brother, Bill. Russ was supposed to be out of town on business and Bill came over to the house to borrow my husbands video camera. I showed my brother-in-law how to set the equipment up and then played back a tape that was still in the camera. To my surprise and embarrassment, the tape was one that Russ had made of me doing a striptease for him. Before I could shut the machine off, Bill got a good close-up view of me taking off my bra and shaking my 39D tits! I apologized to him and was shocked even more when he said he'd like to see the rest of the tape. I had always wondered what it would be like
with Bill. He is much bigger and better looking than his brother. Without thinking about the consequences, I asked Bill if he'd like for me to perform the striptease for him. Well, I did and before I could get to taking my panties off, Bill had his big cock in his hand and was jerking off while he watched. I told him that he didn't have to jack off, that he could fuck me if he wanted. Bill ended up screwing my brains out right there on the living room sofa! My brother-in-law had his huge cock buried in my pussy and was sucking on my tits when Russ walked in the door!

My husband just stared as his brother pulled his long cock from my wet pussy. Bill stood over me while I remained lying on the sofa, panting. I was just on the verge of having an electrifying climax when Bill pulled out and couldn't catch my breath. Russ finally spoke up saying, "Well, well. My sweet wife and my dear brother, here, fucking like rabbits!" Bill was about to say something when Russ interrupted him with, "No, no, don't try to explain. I'm not going to get mad. In fact, seeing that big schlong of your's, dear brother, fucking Jeana's pussy, well, it turned me on! Now I've got just one request... You can go back to fucking my lovely wife if you let me tape it! Well, what do you say?" Bill's mouth gaped open and he didn't say anything. I was so worked up I yelled out, "OK, alright! Do it! Come on Bill! I need that cock of your's! Fuck me!" Bill kneeled down on the sofa, between my legs, and reinserted his stiff cock in my pussy. I humped my cunt up at him, forcing more of his dick into me. Bill started pumping in and out of me again and groaned out, "Uh! Shit, Jeana, your fucking cunt is so fucking hot!" I just answered with an anxious, "Yes! Fuck! Yes!"

My husband, Russ, was taping the whole incredible scene. He was zooming in on his brothers cock as it pistoned in and out of my slippery cunt. He was making comments like, "Yes! That's beautiful! A perfect shot of that big tool fucking that sloppy twat!", and "Suck on those tits, Bill! Drive her crazy!". I was going crazy and, like a bolt of lightning, a crushing orgasm sent fire up my spine and blanked out my mind. I remember Bill grunting and unloading his sperm deep inside me. Russ yelled out, "Pull out! Pull out of her cunt and let me get a shot of you coming on her!" Bill jerked his pulsing cock from my twat and spewed more of his sperm onto my abdomen and cunt. Russ focused in on the cum wads that clung to my cunt hair and dribbled down my lower stomach. He was excited, saying, "Just look at all that cum on her cunt! And look! It's
oozing out of her cunt!" Russ and I have watched that tape many times and he still gets turned on each time we see it. Bill had Russ make him a copy of the tape and he had the nerve to show it to a friend of his! That's how I met my first trick. You see, the guy that Bill showed the tape to, said he'd "pay good to get some of that cunt." Well, Bill told my husband about it and Russ asked me if I'd fuck a total stranger while he video taped it! I wasn't too keen on the idea at first but after Russ told me I'd make a couple of hundred dollars doing it, I consented. My husband told Bill to set the thing up and to let his friend know that he'd be video taped the whole time. Bill showed up the next evening with his friend and we were all introduced. The guy's name was Gus and he wasn't bad looking. He couldn't take his eyes off of me and I could tell he was very anxious about getting started. Russ set up the camera in our bedroom while I stripped down to bra and panties. My new 'John', Gus, waited in the living room with Bill. When Russ said everything was ready, he called for Gus. I stood next to the bed and posed, seductively, for Gus. He was practically tripping over his tongue and I was really getting into playing the role of hooker. When I saw my husband collect the money from Bill's friend I realized I wasn't playing a role anymore - I was a hooker!

Russ got behind his camera as Gus strolled over to me. Bill took a chair in the corner and settled in for his own private showing. I asked Gus if he liked what he saw. He answered with a grin and touched his fingers to my bra, feeling my breasts through the cotton material. I looked at his trousers and saw his hardon pushing down his leg. I put my hand on the man's bulge and said, "My, my! What's this you've got here, Gus?" He hissed as he drew in a deep breath. I gave him a sexy smile and said, "Why don't you help me take this tight old bra off, Gus." His arms encircled me and I felt his fingers fumble with the bra clasp. I was busy undoing his belt and unzipping his trousers. Just as the elastic of my bra snapped free, Gus' pants fell to the floor. I pulled the straps off my shoulders and peeled the bra cups from my boobs. Gus became extremely excited and kicked his shoes off, stepped out of his trousers, bent to take his socks off, and removed his shirt. He had only his boxer shorts
left on and his stiff hardon was visible through the fly opening. I was as aroused as Gus was and couldn't wait to get my hand around his cock.

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