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Cum Swallowing Wife

Cum Swallowing Wife by Rocketman.

My name is Damien and my wife's name is Debbie. We married early and our kids have just moved away. I have a good job that supports us
while my wife looks after the home. We are a social couple and our friends often visit.

Now that she has more time on here hands she seems to be taking care in how she looks and dresses. For years my wife has covered herself
in daggy clothes hiding her figure. Our sex life was improving and because I work late I was starting to have trouble keeping up. She
seemed to be horny all the time and one day she came home from shopping, grabbed my dick and dragged my off to the bedroom. I loved
it and fucked her as well as I could. She loves it from behind because my cock will occasionally reach her cervix and that that
sends her off.

Debbie is only 4'10" and so has to re-hem her new dresses so that they look right. Her body is excellent especially her breasts that
are large and firm with long thick nipples that beg to be sucked. She always wears a bra to stop them from jiggling and to partially
hide her obvious nipples. Her thighs are her next best assets and I think that is why she has begun to hem her skirts higher and higher
each time.

My friends have noticed the change and seem to be visiting more often and paying her more attention. Barney, who is a bit of a
meat-head even stares at her while I'm talking to him. She seems to play up to him and the other day I decided to ask her about it. She
answered, "Years ago I used to hate the stares of men but lately I have begun to like it. Knowing that I am still attractive seems to
be important to me at the moment."

She talked a little more and I asked her if she thought she was flirting too much. She said "Oh Damien. Are you getting jealous?" I
said "Maybe a little." "It's just a bit of fun," she said "besides don't you find it a bit exiting that I can still turn men on?" I
again said "Maybe a little." I had her started now and she said, "I don't think that showing my cleavage or giving the odd glimpse of
undies is going to far do you?" My cock was growing and Debbie noticed the lump and said, "It looks like you don't mind". My
embarrassment showed and she added "Don't worry, I'm sure it is normal for men to like having a sexy wife." She then went down on me
and before long I exploded in her mouth. She swallowed it all licking hungrily around my softening cock looking for more.

Today is Saturday and I got up early to prepare for today's job. Dave and Barney are dropping around to help me lay some pavers out
the back. I was having a coffee when my wife came down the stairs wearing very short skirt and a small T-shirt. I noticed straight
away that she didn't have a bra on. "Do you think my breasts are firm enough to get away with it?" she asked looking down at her self
as she bounced once. Her breasts wobbled beautifully and her soft nipples showed through the thin material. I said "They're
magnificent but Dave and Barney are going to be here soon." Debbie smiled and said, "They won't mind will they." She walked off
swinging her arse as she went.

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