Interracial slut wife story from Hot Wife. This story was written by Rick as an account of the sexual activities of his mother and his friends father. Intrracial sex and the mystery it holds for many of us was realized by him in a very different way. His own mother, the slut wife was revealed at a young age and makes for a great hot wife stroy. Main links on this page include hot wife sexy wife swinger wife slut wife wife sex and home sex video for you to choose. All of these links are interactive for you to select and use at your own pace. Please visit slut wife story for more of these hot wife stories.

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Interracial Slut Wife

Interracial Story
by: Rick
I've been reading sex stories for sometime now and have always been interested in stories concerning a cheating wife or mother. I think I'm interested in the subject because when I was 14 I saw my own mother having sex with my best friends father. I have always wanted to tell my brothers about this or anyone for that matter but never have. Interracial sex wasn't a phrase I knew then and only recently reallized my mom was an interracial slut wife. Since witnessing my cheating mother our relationship has been in the dumps. She can't figure out why we aren't close anymore and they seem to think I have something against her for divorcing my father. To tell you the truth
my father is an asshole and their divorce was the best thing for her. I never thought of my mother as sexy or that other men might look at her in that way until I witnessed what I'm about to tell you. Anyway let me tell you what happened in the spring of 1980.

My best friend Shawn and I were caught smoking weed in junior high school. The vice principal caught us on our way back to class and could tell we were very stoned. Well she called are parents and suspended us from school.
When my mother came to pick me up from school she also picked up Shawn because Shawn's father wasn't home (Shawn and his father live alone). On the way home my mother started screaming at me and asked me where I got the dope. I started to cry and just blurted out "Shawn's father smokes it", which is true. We would always go into Shawn's fathers room and pinch a bud or two from his stash. When I squealed on Shawn father my mother just went berzerk. She told Shawn never to come around again and that she was going to have a long talk with his father. Shawn got mad at me after that and didn't speak to me for sometime. In fact we pretty much went are separate ways.
When we got to Shawn's house I could tell my mom was very angry and was just looking for someone to scream at.

As we pulled up to the curb at Shawn's house a red truck pulled into the drive way and a big black guy got out. I recognized him immedietely as being Shawn's father. My mother asked Shawn if that was his dad and when Shawn replied yes, she jumped out of the car and started screaming at Mr.Randall , she said she would call the cops on him if he didn't keep his son away from me. Mr. Randall put his arm around my mother and asked her to calm down. After a few seconds of my mother screaming and Shawn's father trying to calm her down and telling her stuff like "I didnt realize they where doing that", my mother was asked into the house by Mr.Randall so that they could talk in private. As Shawn's father and my mother closed the door behind them, Shawn got out of the car and told me he was going to stay somewhere else that night. He was telling me that his father was going to whip his ass as soon as my mother left. So Shawn ran off. About 10 minutes later my mother came out of the house and to my surprise had a smile on her face. When she got into the car she reminded me to stay away from Shawn and never to to come around his house. I was pleased because the anger was suddenly gone in my mother and was replaced with a lightheartedness. When I got home my mother never even mentioned it to my step father about the smoking of pot or the suspension from school. So I just left well enough alone and went about my business.

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Interracial Slut Wife     Interracial Slut Wife

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Interracial Slut Wife