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Mature Sex

Mature Sex by Janet.

My whole body tingled with excitement as I removed the robe in front of the class. The eyes of twenty students, both male
and female absorbed every inch of my body. I searched out the ones that lusted for my body. That included most of the men. A
few of the guys were serious artists and they didn't see my body as an object of their sexual desires. This was my third session
for this class. Those that came only to see a naked woman kept staring at my pubic mound hoping to get a glimpse of my vaginal
lips. But I knew how to model without exposing the hot pink lips until later when I would give them an accidental view that would
rush their blood into their starved sexual organs. My well proportioned and shaped breasts were another focal point where
mosts eyes met. My nipples always hardened when I modeled. They were also some that admired my long legs and tight buttocks.

My husband is very supportive of my job. Yes, I am married. He does get a kick of knowing that men view my naked body. We
have lost some friends because of this. Those that remain do not make it a big deal but the husbands do secretly wish that they
could also feast on my body being willingly exposed to make a living. No one has yet made such a bold move as enrolling in
these classes. I have also done private work. That was where life became interesting. I have done things that I have not told my husband.
The money was good but most of all I enjoyed it. I remembered one rich kid about 18 years old got my number and called me for a
private modeling. I gave him my rates and the deal was set. I went to his handsome home. His parents were out of town. I went
to his room and was surprised to find his two friends there. I usually do not do private work for an audience but I let it slide
this time. I'm sure they all pitched in for this treat. The friends couldn't hold their excitement but the kid was
cool. They kept eyeing me but wouldn't hold eye contact. After receiving the money I asked them where I could undress. It
didn't surprise me that they were no drawing paraphernalia.

However I noticed the all too familiar polaroid camera. I was also not surprised that I should undress in their presence. The
kid seemed to have had sexual experiences but his friends were definitely virgins who would masturbate several times a day over
a beat up Playboy magazine that they hid in their rooms. Even before starting, their erections were clearly visible. I wore a
dress that day. I turned my back to them and pulled down my zipper. I'm sure their hearts were beating fast. The sight of my
bar strap would probably further strain their erections in their pants. I let the dress fall. They could see my pink cotton
panties and my white lace bra. I still wore my pumps. When I turned around, their tongues were literally hanging out. I don't
know if they could hold their erections in their pants any longer but I unhooked my bra. They probably couldn't believe they were
seeing a live 27 years old naked woman. Three pairs of eyes were glued to my mammaries. I let them sway slightly. With my eyes
glazing into their eyes I bent forward and removed the last piece of clothing I wore. For their pleasure, I did a turn around.
The kid picked up the polaroid camera. I told them that I wouldn't let them keep any pictures with my face showing. They

The kid had nerve. He said, "Spread your legs wide open." I sat down on a chair with my legs together. He was ready
to shoot with the camera. Ever so slowly, I lifted my knees up and spread my legs exposing my love hole to them. He clicked his
first picture. I felt generous that day. I got my hands down there and spread apart the vaginal lips for them. He quickly got
another picture in.

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