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Naked Wife Pictures

Naked wife pictures by Vince.

It started during our drive to Lake Corpus Christie on Sunday, for our vacation. As we were driving down Beltway 8, to get to IH 59, I told my wife, Eve, to unbutton her blouse. From previous experience she knew that I meant for her to unbutton it enough that I could push the side off her right tit, so the nipple was completely exposed.

She opened another 4 buttons as she asked "It doesn't bother you at all that people in vans and trucks can see my whole breast, does it?"

"No," I replied, "In fact, I find it to be exciting. It kind of turns me on."

"I thought so." She said as she pulled the material over to the side, and she said nothing more about it during the ride to the campground.

Once we got there, she rebuttoned 2 of the buttons again, leaving 3 undone, and kept it that way till we were in the tent that night. Around 2 PM, as we were setting up our tent, everyone else packed up heir gear and left the campground. Soon after, a single guy pulled his little pickup into the site next to ours and proceeded to set up his tent. He wore what appeared to be a 'European style' bathing suit (the kind that are real small and tight and look like small jockey shorts). I couldn't help but notice that Eve looked over at him many times as she got our gear set up inside the tent and that he was a well built guy. Later, when he stopped over to introduce himself (his name is Larry) as we were blowing up our boat, I realized that, to most women (my wife included), he was cute, too.

We chatted with him for well over an hour, time enough to get the boat all set up and down to the water, where we locked it up since we
weren't planning to use it till the next morning. We learned that he would be camping there for the whole week, just like us, and that he
also didn't like crowds, so he too was planning to leave on Friday. We also found out he lives in South West Houston, not that many miles
from us.

I was happily surprised to note that Eve was talking to Larry quite animatedly, since she usually is almost shy around people she doesn't
know. But with him, she got along extremely well, as if she was almost eager to have him like us. Strange for my wife. Another
strange thing was that she didn't even attempt to button up her blouse, but, instead, almost seemed to go out of her way to get into
positions where Larry could look through the gap provided by the open buttons. The way Larry kept looking at her, I could tell that I
wasn't the only one that appreciated it! When it started getting dark, we parted company and Eve and I went into our tent to play cards for a while before going to bed. As is our custom, we got completely undressed, and reclined on our cots to play.

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