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Naked Wives

Naked Wives by Cheryl.

My husband insisted I write down how this all happened. He has shared some of these type stories with me during our foreplay, and I have to admit some of them were a real turn-on. I never expected to play a part in one of these stories, but I guess they were the inspiration for the plan we put together to save his job and get even with his asshole boss.

When Kevin came home a few months ago and told me his job was in jeopardy, I was horrified. We were making ends meet, but just barely. After our second child was born, Kevin insisted that we move into a bigger house. He also got us a new Explorer to fit everybody. I knew his heart was in the right place, but we were really stretched.

He works at a mid-sized, privately held manufacturing company as the plant manager. He had worked his way up through the ranks pretty quickly through hard work. He's also very smart, although he couldn't afford college. At any rate, even though he had a great job at this place, he'd have a hard time getting anything close in pay without a degree. My salary as an aerobics instructor (I know what you're all thinking, but I really do teach aerobics) was some help, but we weren't going to last long trying to survive on it.

A couple of years ago the owner's daughter got married. The guy was a college athlete, great looking, and a great thing for the little rich girl to wear on her arm at all the right places. He was given a job at the plant as V.P. of Operations, my husband's boss. According to Kevin, Brad had clearly not been on an academic scholarship! Kevin was supposed to show him the ropes and teach him the business, but he never really tried to grasp what was going on. He just wanted to let my husband keep running things. Brad was the kind of guy who took credit for the good things whether he was involved or not. He also always blamed others for anything that went wrong.

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Naked Wives

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Naked Wives