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*As we sit close together on the sofa I take your hand in mine and continue talking and listening with you.*

This is my living room and if these walls could only talk. I don't want to do anything that could possibly offend you but I do want you to understand who I am.

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*standing up I turn to face you. As you sit on the sofa watching my every move, I position myself directly in front of you, my legs brushing gently against your knees. My hands move directly to my blouse and slowly take one button loose then move downward to the next. With all of the buttons unfastened I slide each sleeve over my small round shoulders and as I turn away from you it slides off me and on to your lap. I sit on your knees and ask you to unsnap my bra. You skillfully release the restraints and the bra strap recoils relieving the hold on my big DD breasts. With my arms crossed over my boobs obscuring your view I stand and face you once again. Then take you by the hand and lead you off toward my bedroom.*
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