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Swinger Couple

Submitted by Leroy:

At first I just shook off my suspicions as silliness on my part. Sure Janet had been working late an awful lot lately, and
there had been all those out of town trips with her boss ... but that was to be expected. She was moving up rapidly in her
company and you had to make sacrifices to get ahead. She had been working hard and the rewards had been forth coming, raises
and promotions and a bigger office with her own secretary. Janet was good at sales and it showed.

Then one night when she was working late again I had just finished the laundry, it was my turn, and I was putting some of
her things away when I opened her lingerie drawer by mistake. She always did her lingerie herself, said I might ruin it. Well the
article on top immediately caught my eye. It was a sheer black teddy with sexy lacy trim. I remembered teddies well from a
previous girl friend prior to meeting Janet. She had quiet a collection of stuff like that, she had worked at Victoria's
Secrets. But I had never seen Janet in one.

Janet enjoyed sheer brief undies, on the sexy side but nothing like this. As I said I had never seen Janet in this. I
dug around more and I thought I was back with my old girl friend. The drawer was full of the sexiest underthings I had ever seen.
Half bras that pushed up the breasts while leaving the top half and the nipples exposed, crotch-less panties, panty and bra sets
that were so sheer you could read a book through them. Garter belts and sexy hose. The drawer was full of that stuff... and I
had never seen any of it before. I restored the drawer as best I could, to the way I had found it. Fixing myself a scotch and
water I sat down to think about this.

It appeared obvious that at least Janet had a life I was not a part of. I tried to think of some explanation but the only one
that was even close to believable was my wife was having an affair. My first thought was I couldn't blame any guy for trying to
make it with her. Janet is a walking wet dream with a body that is so tempting and so sexy.... unbelievable the way it moves..
and she has always loved to show it off. Her full firm breasts sway and seem to beg to be caressed, a narrow waist that my
hands almost reach around, an ass that still drives me crazy, and those long shapely legs...she really is quite a sexy package.
You get the idea. And she loves sex, oh how she loves sex. The first time we got in the sack after dating briefly I knew I had
found every man's dream. She loves to do it all, loves to experiment, and is so good at it all.

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Swinger Couple     Swinger Couple

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